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High-quality, Caring, Family-Focused

RanchView Senior Assisted Living (formerly Olivenhain Guest Home) has supported seniors in the region for over 50 years. We provide a safe, high-quality, caring, and family-focused memory care and assisted living home in North County San Diego. In our home setting, your loved ones can age in place gracefully and with dignity. Our commitment is to care for our residents and give peace of mind to the families who entrust us with their parents and loved ones. We are privately owned and proudly feature all-inclusive rates. This gives you a clear understanding of what your fees will be each month, without any surprises.

Call us at (760) 753-5082 to book a tour or click the image below to view our Virtual Tour.

Loving and Carefree Living Environment

We create a loving and carefree living environment for our guests based on integrity, compassion, dignity, safety, and exceptional care. Our dedicated and highly-trained memory care and assisted living staff provides engaging programs and activities specifically designed to stimulate the mind, spirit, and body of every resident in our home. From our owners and administrators, to our nurses, caregivers, and physicians, each staff member understands the importance of their role in providing every resident with the highest-quality life.

Carefully Designed Programs

Our suite of signature memory care and assisted living programs and activities have been carefully designed by specialists in older adult education and sensory development to accommodate individual needs. As a member of many professional senior care associations, we stay on top of the latest trends in serving the members of our Memory Care Community.

Provide a Thriving Community

We believe in the incredible potential of seniors and strive to provide residents with a community where they can thrive. At Olivenhain Guest Home Memory Care and Assisted Living facility, your loved one will be provided with enriching experiences to create a new story – one that celebrates their history and gives them opportunities to embrace life every day.

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What People Say


At Olivenhain Guest Home, with the attention she received from the staff and the stimulation around her… it was a joy for her and for us.  You always treated her with such dignity and respect and made these last few months as good as they could possibly be.

The Howell Family

The activities that you are all providing for your guest leaves one speechless. The programs are awesome and anyone who was a candidate to be a guest in your home is quite privileged.


I am reviewing our blessings… music, activities to engage hands and minds, cheerful birds, beautiful courtyard, welcome to visitors-these are among the blessings we are thankful for.

Ann England King

We are both so very grateful for not only you, your loving competent staff and all the special ways you all made Elman feel at home… but for the Olivenhain Guest Home philosophies about aging with dignity and dying with grace.

Bill and Debra

It is comforting to know that our mom is loved and is getting great care at Olivenhain Guest Home. You are very compassionate and caring.

Lucy E.

Our deepest and most sincere thanks to you and your staff. You are a remarkable person gifted with care and compassion to serve patients and family members during difficult periods of transitions of life. The most comforting factor has been to see and appreciate the continuous assistance and diligence with which Anita was provided.

The Teeter Family

Jim and I always appreciated the way things were done at the guest home. We could see the love and attention he received.


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